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I'm very proud to represent many different breeds in all of the 7 groups. I also represent clients from all around the world. Find the group and select the client and breed from the drop down menu. Selecting the name will take you to their website or e-mail. If you are interested in puppies or dogs from one of our clients, feel free to contact me or contact them via their webpage or e-mail.


  • Working Group
  • Hound Group
  • Sporting Group
  • Non-Sporting Group
  • Terrier Group
  • Herding Group
  • Toy Group
Carol Beans - Bull Mastiffs
Mindy Johnson - Bullmastiffs
Adria Jeffries - Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Cynthia Amic - Dogue de Bordeaux
Ed and Belle Stein - Siberian Husky
Gordon and Susan Adams - Siberian Husky
Colleen Landa - Bullmastiffs
Jeff and Judy Walker - Bassett Hound and Bloodhound
John and Marsha Burke - Bassett Hound
Cathy Cline - Vizsla
Mojave Riverview Kennel - Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Annelle WIlterding - Dalmations
Debbie Jones - Dalmations
Terrier Group
Doggy World American Staffordshire Terriers
Susan Fedosha - American Staffordshire Terrier
Kim Nikon - American Staffordshire Terriers
Kermit and Paula Harcos - Belgian Tervuren
Janis Calkins - German Shepherd Dog
Bruce Freedman - Belgian Sheepdog
Bob and Carol Salsbury - Australian Shepherd
Richard Sottile - German Shepherd
Linda Peppel - Australian Shepherd
Linda Bush - Yorkshire Terrier
Mary Lou Sandvik - Pappillon
Karen Mader - Pappillon